About RollBliss - Rollbliss Custom BJJ Gi

About RollBliss

RollBliss provides high performance and luxurious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos that are specifically designed to help BJJ practitioners improve their ability on the mat. At RollBliss, we are 100% dedicated to your needs. We understand the BJJ practice and are also fully aware of what practitioners need in order to be successful. Comfort is one such highly important factor. Our finely crafted kimonos are cut from a single piece of fabric, making it extremely durable. We use a high grade EVA anti-microbial collar, which not only helps to keep you cool and germ free. At RollBliss, attention to detail is paramount, and that is why our gi pants receive the same attention as our gi tops. Our gi pants are triple stitched reinforced and made out of high-grade rip stop material. When it comes to style we utilize cutting edge, commercial grade machines to ensure precision stitching and beautiful embroidery. Whether you are a white belt just starting out on your journey, or a black belt who is finally ready to experience comfort within your practice, RollBliss is here to help. Get Your Roll On, and let the journey begin with RollBliss.

Who We Are

At RollBills, we don’t just sell Kimonos. We live, breathe, and embody the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu spirit. That spirit, along with our personal philosophy, is exemplified in our very name; RollBliss.

Roll-(Rolling): Represents free sparring which is an active part of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu practice.

Bliss: Refers to the perfect state of happiness also known as oblivion.

We infuse our kimonos with our personal philosophy by utilizing only the highest quality materials and customized details, there by allowing our clients to move freely and to experience performance luxury during their practice. Our dedication to the sport and to our clients inspires us to be the best at what we do.

What We Do

RollBliss supplies BJJ practitioners with high performance, luxury BJJ kimonos. Our elegant, yet strong, gi’s are perfect for athletes of all skill levels.

Our high performing garments are crafted with creative designs and contrast stitching specifically tailored to enhance the performance of BJJ students. We never mass-produce our kimonos. In fact, we only make a limited number of them every year, ensuring that each one is of the highest possible quality.

At RollBliss, everything that we do can be summed up with this simple thought: We help you perform at your best. Your personal success drives everything that we do, and your challenges become our challenges, inspiring us to improve our designs.

Our Mission

Our mission at RollBliss is to supply you with the absolute finest Kimonos available. Whether you are a world champion or a weekend warrior, our kimonos will perfectly fit your practice.

Our Promise

We promise that our kimono will stand up to the demands of your practice and will never fade in strength or attractiveness. Your bliss is our success.